Over-the-counter acne treatments don’t always deliver what they promise. The issue is that these treatments are for the general public, making them a “one-size-fits-all” solution to a personal problem. AviClear™ is different. This non-invasive, FDA-approved energy device allows us to address your acne appropriately, giving you the clear skin you deserve. Sessions take little time, and results are long-lasting. Schedule a consultation at our Newport Beach office to learn more today.


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What Is AviClear™?

The AviClear™ system is the first and only FDA-cleared energy device for treating mild, moderate, and severe acne. This device features advanced technology that allows us to treat all skin types, regardless of pigmentation. Most importantly, AviClear™ can deliver acne-clearing results without additional medications or procedures. Treatments take little time, and the results equal the most potent prescription medication, Accutane™ (isotretinoin), without the toxic side effects.

How Does This Treatment Work?

The problem with OTC creams is that they only address pimples on their surface. AviClear™ selectively targets and down-regulates sebaceous glands to reduce active acne at its source. This means that acne is cleared efficiently, and future breakouts are minimized. 

The device features an intuitive user interface and unique energy delivery, making it safe and precise. A non-invasive laser handpiece will be used on your skin during your AviClear™ session. The handpiece may feel hot but will cause minimal discomfort. Sessions take approximately 30 minutes.

Results and Benefits of AviClear™

Several sessions may be needed to give you the best results. We will create a treatment plan unique to you during your initial visit. In clinical trials, AviCear™ treatments have demonstrated a reduction in current and future breakout episodes among participating patients. Breakouts were also reported as less intense and gradually less frequent over time.

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If frequent breakouts and acne scarring are causing you grief, AviClear™ can help. This advanced energy treatment targets acne at its source, minimizing breakouts and facilitating long-term, clear skin. To learn more, you can reach us by filling out and submitting the schedule form below or giving our office a call by dialing (949) 650-6710.

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