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Jaw Surgery

The height and projection forwards of the upper and lower jaws have a great effect on overall appearance and balance of the face. In addition they affect the appearance of the teeth and lips. Either the upper or lower jaw or both are moved to their planned position and held in place with tiny screws and plates. Generally all the incisions are made within the mouth, though sometimes a very small incision is needed in the side of the upper neck.

Who is it for?

You may be a good candidate for this surgery if your upper and lower jaws are noticeably out of proportion in size, your teeth fit poorly or your face is disproportionately long or short in relation to its widthA long face will also result in too much of the teeth showing.

What to expect

You will probably need braces for some orthodontic work to prepare you for surgery, and insure that the teeth fit together correctly after the jaw has been moved. The surgery requires a general anesthetic. Usually a hospital stay of two or three days is needed. There is significant swelling and bruising for about 2 weeks.

Nowadays, with use of rigid fixation of the bones, it is rarely necessary to wire the upper and lower teeth together for long periods after surgery. However you will have to avoid heavy chewing for four to six weeks.

As you might expect, this surgery can create a dramatic improvements in your appearance. If your facial proportions were unbalanced, correction will often change the ugly duckling into a swan.

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