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Injectable Fillers

Where there is little overall sagging of the facial tissues, individual lines may be hidden with injected filler material or fat. The first fillers were collagen products. Now, the most popular are hyaluronic acid products such as Juvederm™ or Restylane™, because there are fewer allergic reactions and they last longer. Radiesse™, containing calcium hydroxylapatite (the same mineral as bones), lasts longer, but is more prone to lumpiness.

Fat used is collected from elsewhere in your own body, avoiding allergic problems. Fat can be used to fill larger contour deformities, such as sunken cheeks or smaller areas such as the lips or frown lines. With careful handling and meticulous injection technique, it can last for many years.

Injectable FillersWhat to expect

I apply a local anesthetic cream to the area beforehand, to reduce discomfort. A fine needle is used to place the filler in the deeper layers of the skin, and fill out the wrinkles.

The injected areas are initially swollen and over-corrected. There may be some bruising for a few days. With Juvederm™, the visible changes settle in one to two days, though subtle swelling may last longer. After fat injections, noticeable bruising may last two to three weeks, and swelling may persist for two months or longer.

Juvederm™ and other hyaluronic acid products can last a year or more, and Radiesse™ even longer. Then the treatment can be repeated. Fat injections are usually more permanent, but may re-absorb. Sometimes they become uneven or hardened with time.

Fat is collected from elsewhere (usually the abdomen), using a special needle and syringe under local anesthesia. The technique I use involves separating the injectable fat from the fluids removed with it. The fat is carefully re-injected in small quantities using special needles to avoid damage to the fat. Several hundred injections may be necessary at a single session to correct contour problems such as sunken cheeks.

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