Aging signs can be exacerbated through frequent exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Sun damage results in pigmentation issues and can make wrinkles appear deeper and visibly age your skin. It also may lead to skin cancer. The first step is to stop further damage! We carry the mineral-based SPF 50 sunblocks that Dr. Bailey recommends for daily use.


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What Causes Sun Damage?

Sun damage is simply overexposure to the sun. Spending much time outdoors without sunscreen or other forms of protection leaves our skin vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays. Here in southern California, even a few minutes of exposure daily can damage the skin, and we are exposed through the windows in our homes and cars. UVA is almost as strong on cloudy days and later in the day, and while it does not burn, it ages the skin. Over time, sun exposure can lead to darkening or blotchiness of the skin that is not always attractive and can sometimes leave us with permanent pigmentation issues. Additionally, there is a loss of elasticity, causing fine lines, crepiness, and sagging.

What Are the Signs?

Signs of excessive sun exposure include pigmentation that is either lighter or darker than your skin tone, red and brown spots, more pronounced wrinkles, and leathery skin. Skin cancer can also develop due to too much sun exposure, so if you notice any irregularly shaped moles or lesions, you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Treatments for Sun Damage

Because Dr. Bailey believes in customized treatments with state-of-the-art devices, we offer multiple options, including medical-grade skincare products, non-invasive Laser Genesis™, IPL Photofacial, fractional laser, and Excel V+ Coolview™ laser treatments. Schedule a consultation in Newport Beach to learn what is best for you.

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Skin overexposed to the sun can look prematurely aged. If you are experiencing this issue, our many treatments can be customized to your exact issues. To learn more and to get started, simply fill out and submit the schedule form below or give our office a call by dialing (949) 650-6710.

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