Certain illnesses, like skin cancer, can cause significant harm but can be addressed fully if detected early. Here at our Newport Beach office, Dr. Bailey can examine your skin and determine if you have cancer and what we can do to treat it. If you’ve noticed an unusual mole, lesion, or growth – don’t wait, connect with our office today to receive the treatment you deserve.


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How Does Skin Cancer Occur?

This disease is most often caused by overexposure to the sun’s rays. Often an actinic keratosis precedes non-melanoma skin cancer. These growths occur on sun-exposed skin and are not cancerous. However, they can become cancerous over time, so early detection and treatment are important. Likewise, an unusual-looking mole (atypical nevus) often precedes melanoma.

When caught early, these diseases are highly treatable. The three primary types of skin cancer include:

  • Basal Cell – This is the most common type of cancer. It develops in areas of sun-exposed skin, such as the face. We can provide skin biopsies and various treatments to address this condition.
  • Squamous Cell – The second most common skin cancer that is easily treatable when found early but can spread and become life-threatening if left undetected. We can provide a range of options for addressing this condition as well.
  • Melanoma – This variant is often considered the most serious because it can spread rapidly. Regular mole checks are key in the early diagnosis of this cancer. Like the others, if detected, it can be effectively treated.

What Are the Signs?

Each type has unique characteristics, but the abnormal growth of moles, dark patches, and lesions is a common theme. Limiting sun exposure and wearing sunscreen outside are the best methods to avoid developing this disease. These measures take little effort but can go a long way in keeping you safe, so they are always advised.

Skin Cancer Treatment Options

A proper diagnosis begins with a physical examination and assessment of potentially cancerous growths or lesions. Dr. Bailey will perform a visual exam during your visit and determine if testing is needed. A biopsy or excision may be performed for laboratory testing if necessary. 

If the tested growth is cancerous, Dr. Bailey can discuss treatment options. Beginning treatment as early as possible is important to ensure the best outcome. In most cases, early treatment can ensure up to a 99% five-year survival rate after diagnosis.

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Skin cancer can be a scary diagnosis, but this disease can be treated effectively if proper measures are taken early on. If you suspect that you may have cancer, Dr. Bailey can evaluate your skin and discuss treatment options. To get started, simply fill out and submit the schedule form below or give our office a call by dialing (949) 650-6710.

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