Unusually large pores can trap excess oil and debris, causing you to have acne breakouts. Sun damage can cause scaling and flaking. If you struggle with redness, bad skin texture, or frequent pimples, we can help. Our skincare products, IPL, lasers and RF microneedling can effectively rejuvenate your skin, improving its texture and preventing complications from acne. Schedule your appointment in Newport Beach, California, to learn more today.


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How Does Bad Skin Texture Occur?

The human body is covered in tiny vellus hairs attached to sebaceous glands. These glands make the natural oil your body needs to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Usually, pores retain their normal size despite the production of this oil, but specific issues can cause pores to become dilated. Decreased skin elasticity from aging and sun damage, more hair follicles, and excessive sebum (oil) production can all lead to large pores and bad skin texture.

What Are the Signs?

Bad skin texture is often easily noticeable on the forehead, chin, and nose. Enlarged pores, often characteristic of poor skin texture, often make the skin feel oily, and the debris trapped in them causes inflammation. With a treatment like AviClear™, you can effectively eliminate acne due to these pores. No downtime Laser Genesis™ and Secret RF™ treatments can also help shrink the pores and improve fine lines.

Treatment Options for Bad Skin Texture

Because of all the different options we have, we will customize your treatment for aging and sun damage. Medical-grade skincare products are an effective option for exfoliating the skin and cleansing it of oil, bacteria, and debris that causes breakouts. AviClear™ can also be an effective option when considering treatment. This device is the first FDA-approved energy system to address acne and scarring. Treatments take 30 minutes to perform and require no downtime afterward.

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Enlarged pores can often be responsible for other skin issues, like acne and bad skin texture. Whether you have oily skin, struggle with frequent breakouts, or have scarring and sun damage our products, lasers, RF and AviClear™ treatments can help. To learn more about these devices, simply fill out and submit the schedule form below or give our office a call by dialing (949) 650-6710.

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