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Cheek Bone

Like the chin, the cheek was traditionally reshaped by placing blocks of silicone immediately over the cheekbones. Large implants may give an “operated” look. Moving the cheekbone itself forwards and outwards gives a more natural contour. Because it also moves and tightens the muscles and soft tissues attached to the cheekbone, the whole mid-face is improved.

Who is it for?

Most of us rarely consider the shape of our cheeks. However, while the eye is not usually drawn to the cheek first, good cheek contour is necessary for a pleasant overall effect. Reading any fashion magazine, you will quickly notice that strong cheekbones are highly desired in both men and women.

What to expect

Again, this is a day surgery procedure, performed under local or general anesthetic. The cheekbone is moved through an incision in the lower eyelid. This is the same incision used for a blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck) and heals with minimal scarring.

There may be some bruising or numbness of the cheek for one to two weeks. Swelling usually settles after about ten days. If your appearance is not a factor, you may be back to work in two or three days.

When you look in the mirror, the change is subtle. A more defined cheekbone gives a sculpted, sophisticated appearance. This can be the difference between “pretty” and “beautiful”.

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